Port Brewing Santa’s Little Helper Imperial Stout Review

A Christmas beer, in my opinion, should be big, bold, and warming with a long finish. Port Brewing Company makes a Russian Imperial stout that fits the bill. Perfectly drinkable and imminently age-able, it will warm you up in no time at all.

Santa’s Little Helper is a big Imperial Stout. It pours nearly black with a light chocolate brown foamy head. It has aromas of malts, coffee, chocolate. The flavor is big and bold with dark, roasted malts, smoky chocolate, espresso, caramel and Belgian candy sugar. On the hops side of the equation the brewers used East Kent Goldings, Mt. Hood, Liberty, and Challenger to create a well-balanced and excellent stout. The finish is long, and just keeps going, especially after it warms a bit. It’s unfiltered and 10% ABV, but the alcohol does not come out in either the nose or the taste.

Port Brewing Company of San Marcos, California also brews as higher end The Lost Abbey brewery. A barrel-aged version called Bourbon Barrel-aged Santa’s Little Helper is released each July. That’s one to watch for.

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