Abita Brewing Christmas Ale 2019 Review

We’re heading to the deep South for Abita Brewing’s Christmas Ale, just outside New Orleans, to be specific. Abita is a privately owned brewery with wide distribution. They make excellent Root Beer. The recipe for their Christmas Ale changes each year.

The 2019 Christmas Ale is a Brown Ale that pours with a long-lasting foam head. It’s brewed with six types of malted barley, pale malt as well as a combination of Caramel, Biscuit, Munich, and chocolate malts. This malty base gives the beer good body and nice mouthfeel. The Columbus, Cascade, Centennial, and Amarillo hops produce a piney and floral flavor. Overall, it’s an refreshing, interesting Christmas beer. It’s 5.8% ABV.

The label features a present-toting Papa Noel flying through the night sky in a swap boat pulled by a team on alligators.

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    While it's difficult to picture Santa as a young man, he was once. He met the future Mrs. Claus one snowy night when she offered him a winter ale that she brewed herself. It was love at first sight - for both the Mrs. and her winter ales. With Santa's growing fame, his favorite brews became named after his favorite day - Christmas. Santa now travels the world each year to spread the joy that began in a stable in Bethlehem two millennia ago.

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