Your Own Beer Advent Calendar

For Christmas beer fans, what could be better than a Christmas beer Advent calendar? Here’s how you can have your own Christmas beer Advent calendar.

In the UK and Canada, specially decorated cases of beer are available each November. In the United States, shipping beer is difficult, due to archaic and jumbled alcohol laws.

If you can’t easily ship a box of beer, how about just shipping the box? Enter Craft Advent Box, a small Alabama company producing thoughtfully decorated boxes with 24 sections for you to fill with your own beer.

I spoke with Jeremy Estes, the owner of Craft Advent Box and heard the story of how the idea was born. Jeremy spent a couple of Winters in Canada where he and his friends purchased beer advent calendars. After returning to Alabama, he made his own the following year. “When my friends saw it, they asked if I would make them one,” he said. “The next year it turned into a dozen, all made by hand. I contacted a box company and asked about having one produced.”

“Taking a risk, I ordered 500 for the following year. The website went live in late October and all 500 were sold within three weeks. I was so surprised!” Jeremy recalls. “I even received angry emails from people who didn’t get to buy one! Now we produce enough to keep them in stock through Thanksgiving, at least.”

A Social Event

Every year in November, Jeremy and 11 friends each buy two cases of unique beer and gather for beer sampling. While the guys are sampling cellared beer, their wives enjoy wine while loading the Craft Advent Boxes with the different beer, putting the same beer in the same day in each box so that the guys don’t know what beer the others chose or what day it will appear.

Each evening throughout the Advent season, text messages fly in their group chat discussing that day’s beer.

Beer is meant to be shared socially. Recently, I’ve done online Happy Hours over Zoom with Christmas Beer-loving friends from around the world. Turn the camera on and toast the Season!

Your Own Beer Advent Calendar

The Craft Advent Box is a well-build two-part box. The bottom is a full-size box with dividers and an open top. This is where you load your beer (or anything else, for that matter!).

The tops have 3 different designs: Santa relaxing by the fire, a vintage beer crate with Santa and his reindeer, and simple Christmas trees. There’s also a top with no printing to decorate yourself and use anytime of year.

The boxes are attractive, colorful, and don’t have alcohol-specific decorations. The tops are perforated and numbered 1 to 24. Break through to reveal each day’s treat.

I plan to store mine in my Christmas beer cellar where it’s cool. Jeremy puts his under the Christmas tree. Each morning he pops out the day’s beer, putting it in the refrigerator for later.

The Craft Advent Box is $29.99. You can save 20% until December 1, 2020 by entering our exclusive discount code christmasbeer when checking out. If you purchase two boxes, shipping in the US is free. For one box it’s a flat $8.00.

Oh, save the bottom of the box. You can purchase just a top for $14.99 next year.

If you’re wondering what beer to put in your Christmas beer Advent calendar, get my free Guide to My 15 Favorite Christmas Beers.

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