Eggenberg Samichlaus 2009 Classic Review

Eggenberg Samichlaus (Santa Claus) Classic is my mainstay Christmas day beer. You can read the full story behind this record-setting 14% ABV lager here. It’s brewed in Austria only one day a year, on December 6th. Then aged for 10 months, during which time it is cold lagered and frozen to boost the flavor and alcohol.

I’m opening a 2009 today, making this bottle 6 years old since bottling, and

Schloss Eggenberg Samichlaus Bier Review

Samichlaus Bier is brewed once a year on December 6th, St Nicholas day, at the Eggenberg castle at the edge of the Austrian Alps. It is then aged for 10 months before bottling and distribution.

Samichlaus is an Eisbock and is not just resting quietly during those 10 months. After 10 days in a fermentation vessel it is cold lagered for 3 months. Then it is frozen to remove some of the water, which increases the alcohol to Samichlaus’ record-holding 14% ABV.