No-Li Winter Warmer Ale Review

No-Li Brewhouse’s Winter Warmer is a dry-hopped, complex American Strong Ale that will delight your mother and your hop-head brother-in-law.

No-Li Winter Warmer pours copper red with a thin cream-colored head. It smells sweet with caramel malts and a touch of pine. It starts sweet from the crystal malts, then the balance shifts to the aromatic hops. The finish shines with the dry-hopped Northern Brewer, Zeus, Cluster, and Cascade hops. Floral, and grassy hop notes with a squeeze of citrus. At 72 IBUs and 7.5% ABV it fits the Strong Ale category. There’s no booziness and the hops are balanced and in control.

No-Li Brewhouse is in Spokane, Washington just 300 miles from the hops and barley fields of the Yakima Valley. No-Li has been around since 1993 when craft beer was referred to as “hippy beer.” (In contrast to the sophisticated drinker of Bud Light?) I’ve tasted a number of No-Li’s beers, they are a solid brewery with excellent track record of great beers.

Update: I was able to try the Whiskey Barrel Aged Winter Warmer. Here’s my notes.

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