Black Raven Brewing Three Sundays Oaked Tripel

Black Raven Brewing Co. of Redmond, Washington is fast becoming one of my favorite breweries. They just get it right. In recent years, Black Raven has been aging beer on wood. Three Sundays Tripel is an Belgian style tripel aged on French and American oak.

Three Sundays Tripel pours bright golden with a light white head of foam that quickly reduces to lace around the edge of the glass. The aroma is candi sugar, white pepper from the hops and yeast, cloves, and light fruitiness of banana and apple juice. It smells like a tripel.

The flavor is candi sugar, Belgian yeast, light clove, white pepper, and stone fruit. It doesn’t depart from a typical tripel. The oak aging is very light. There is little wood on the nose or taste. Perhaps some of the spiciness comes from the wood. Or the cloves and peach from the tannins. Hard to say for sure. The mouthfeel is light, fizzy, and not syrupy, which the candi sugar might suggest.

The side label has a beautiful print and this text:
Three Sundays in a week you say! How can this at all be possible? Well in the old days of maritime travel, one could accomplish this seemingly impossible scenario. Our Three Sundays is less of a brain teaser and more of a palate pleaser. This new annual release is brewed in the style of a Belgian Tripel and then aged on French and American oak.

2-Row Barley, Wheat, Munich, Belgian Candi Sugar

Summit, Crystal, Saaz

9.3% ABV and 33 IBU

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