The Best Corkscrew: Pulltex Pulltap’s Corkscrew

My usual beer cap opener is a Pulltex Pulltap’s Corkscrew. Only occasionally do I use the corkscrew on a bottle of beer, like when I open a cork and cap sealed De Dolle Stille Nacht 2010 Reserva.

The corkscrew is a simple tool constantly redesigned and marketed. Each new type is supposedly an improvement on the last, but they are not. The clear winner is also one of the least expensive – the Pulltex Pulltap’s.

The Pulltap’s corkscrew opens even the toughest bottle. The Teflon-coated 5-turn worm inserts easily into the cork. A two-step levering system stops the cork from bending and breaking. The Pulltap’s uses a double articulated lever system that allows the cork to be easily drawn vertically without bending and breaking.

The Pulltap’s is inexpensive. And because it works so well, it’s one of the most popular corkscrews with restaurant staff and wineries.

Here’s why Pulltex Pulltap’s are the Best Anywhere:

  • Steel nickel-plated double articulated levers
  • Painted galvanized iron sleeve (various colors, finishes)
  • Teflon-coated 5-turn worm (not all are Teflon, look for one that is)
  • Steel curved microserrated foil cutter
  • Bottle opener

The basic Pulltap’s model sells for under $10, but even so copies are churning out of China, so watch out. Real Pulltap’s are made in Barcelona, Spain and have the Pulltap’s or Pulltex logo. “Pulltap’s” (with the apostrophe) is the name of the original double lever corkscrew, and Pulltex is the company that created it.

Pulltap’s has created a number of models and variations. The Pulltap’s Toledo (pictured) is the most impressive, made from polished cast stainless steel with rosewood inlays and the same patented double levers. With a good solid feel, it rivals corkscrews from Laguiole.

Milan design firm Alessi also has produced a gorgeous model licensed by Pulltap’s called the Parrot available in blue, green, or black.

Grab yourself a couple of Pulltap’s and you’ll be ready to open any bottle.

Question: What is your favorite bottle opener? You can leave a comment by clicking here.

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