2016 Costco Beer Advent Calendar

Christmas comes early to Costco with the arrival of the German beer Advent calendar. The 2016 Brewer’s Advent Calendar is a boxed set of 24 German different beers in 16.9 oz cans. They are loaded into a box with a Christmas scene on one side and numbers 1-24 on the other side.

My complaint with this, and many other beer Advent calendars, is that it doesn’t contain many Christmas or Winter beers. It’s just 24 German beers, a couple of  Winter beer in the mix. Click on the photo to read the list of beers.

Beer Advent calendars have become popular in recent years. Though not displacing chocolate Advent calendars. I’ll take one of each! Because of draconian alcohol laws in the United States, shipping beer state to state is problematic. So, you’ve got to either find your beer Advent calendar at a Costco or make your own.

This year, there’s a Kickstarter going with a load-your-own reusable Beer Advent Calendar box. I bought six! Read about it and support this project!

The best way to go is to download my list of 15 Favorite Christmas Beers, track them down, and load them in your own Beer Advent Calendar.

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    While it's difficult to picture Santa as a young man, he was once. He met the future Mrs. Claus one snowy night when she offered him a winter ale that she brewed herself. It was love at first sight - for both the Mrs. and her winter ales. With Santa's growing fame, his favorite brews became named after his favorite day - Christmas. Santa now travels the world each year to spread the joy that began in a stable in Bethlehem two millennia ago.

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    • Lookingforbeer

      I checked my local costco. They do not have it. Which costco you get this from.

      • In the Seattle area. Each Costco story carries a different inventory. Ask the manager to look it up.

        • lookingforbeer

          Thanks ! Do you happen to know the item number of this item. I checked in couple of costco stores in SF bay area and no one has been able to find the item by its name or manufacturer. Thanks!

          • The Costco item number is 612833

            • Nickdallas

              It just hit the Costco North Dallas stores this week. I bought one and am anxiously awaiting Dec 1!

    • Jess

      I found it last year at my Costco in Orange County. I asked and was told they wouldn’t be carrying it this year, which stinks cause it made my husband sing my praises when I got it for him for his birthday in Oct!

    • Brian Corey

      Just got one of these and was so excited. I spend several months in Germany each year and love all the different beers–and almost all of these beers are new to me. BUT–they all taste very metallic and awful. They are in steel cans (with an aluminum top). All I taste is the iron. I am going to try to return to Costco. Such a disappointment.

      • JP Vanderbilt

        The beer is all one year old. No wonder, right?

        • KLJ0987

          The beer distributor is the problem not Costco. Costco isn’t looking at the dates inside the hand packed cartons, the distrutor for your area is the one that is responsible for out of date beer.

    • Robert DiGirolamo

      Where can I buy it, is it all sold out?

    • JP Vanderbilt

      Dear Costco, PLEASE stop putting one year old beer in this product. Surely you can give us beer that is a bit fresher???

      • Christina j

        Is it possible the dates are the European way? Bottled 07/01/16 exp 10/01/17? As opposed to bottled 01/07/16 exp 01/10/17? Also are all these beers made by the same people when I look up these beers I don’t find much info and what are the chances that all these were bottled the same day if they’re not made by the same people I’m so confused. Lol!

    • Number 6

      Happily, I found these available at a Costco on Long Island, NY – got one for me, Dad and a couple of good friends. While I agree that I wish the beers were, say, less than 6 month’s old, there are still plenty of unique brews in the mix to make the collection interesting and worthwhile. Where I think it falls down slightly is with the inclusion of an Irish Ale and an IPA. Really? Did they run out of ideas for German beers? How about a Kolsch or a Berliner Weisse to name just 2? There were innumerable alternatives (even without considering actual Christmas brews) and they screwed the pooch…