Beer Advent Calendar on Kickstarter

Growing up with chocolate Advent calendars, it’s only natural for the beer-loving adult to progress to Christmas beer Advent calendars. A new Beer Advent Calendar on Kickstarter is what Santa’s been looking for!

There are a number of pre-stocked beer Advent calendars available. But limited distribution and archaic alcohol shipping laws leave out most of us. Enter the DIY beer Advent calendars.

Do It Yourself beer Advent calendars range in complexity from a piece of paper numbered 1 to 24 taped onto a crate full of beer, to tubes loaded with beer formed into the shape of a Christmas tree. For those of you thirstier than you are crafty, there’s a Beer Advent Calendar on Kickstarter that will do the trick.

Kickstarter Beer Advent TopThe Beer Advent Calendar has these key design features:

  • 24 INDEPENDENTLY OPENING LIDS – Each beer is kept a surprise until the day you open it.
  • COMPLETELY COLLAPSIBLE – The design collapses to 17″x23″x1″ which makes for easy storage in the off season.
  • ASSEMBLES IN LESS THAN 1 MINUTE – Requires no glueing or assembling, it pops open and is ready to use with little effort.
  • MADE FROM STRONG AND DURABLE CARDBOARD – Strong and environmentally.
  • HOLDS MOST 12oz BOTTLES or 12-16oz CANS – It won’t fit 22oz or 750ml bottles.

The Beer Advent Calendar is BYOB. To make it fun and keep each day a mystery, get someone else to go to a well-stocked bottle shop and choose 24 Christmas beers. Have them load the beer into the calendar. You open a lid a day to reveal your next Advent bottle. will be publishing a list of appropriate Christmas Beer for each day of the Advent season. Subscribe to make sure you hear about that list in October. 

If you’re not familiar with Kickstarter, it’s essentially a fund-raising site for start-up projects. You “back” the project via credit card for a certain amount of money. In return, you receive a reward depending on how much you backed it.

Early backers can get a Beer Advent Calendar for $18 plus $5 shipping to the USA or $25 to Europe. I bought the 6 pack for $105 plus $25 shipping. Unless the campaign raising $30,000 by September 25, 2016 there won’t be a Beer Advent Calendar, your credit card won’t be charged, and you’ll be back to making your own out of a dirty-old cardboard box. Get yours today!

Go to Kickstarter and get your Beer Advent Calendar.

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