Nøgne Ø Winter Ale Review

Nøgne Ø is an outstanding Norwegian brewery pushing against a traditional lager-only beer culture. I previously reviewed their collaboration Special Holiday Ale. Today, we turn toward their Winter Ale. At least that’s the name on the US import. In other Scandinavia the name is God Jul, which in Norwegian means “Merry Christmas.”

Ø Winter Ale pours deep, dark brown with a no visible head. At least for a few seconds, and then

Pfriem Winter Ale Review

Pfriem Family Brewers of Hood River, Oregon has only been brewing commercially for 3 years, yet they are producing excellent beers. The Pfriem Winter Ale is an unmistakable Northwest ale.

Winter Ale pours amber with a bubbly head of tan foam. The aroma is fruity hops, orange zest and loads of pine. Smells more like an

Rinkuskiai Missing Elf Review

Brewery Rinkuškiai is a family held brewery in Lithuania. Brewing since 1991, Missing Elf is their Christmas beer. The label says it’s a Double Bock.

Missing Elf pours golden with quarter inch white, fine head that reduces quickly to some lacing. The bright golden color doesn’t match the beer style, and neither

Prairie Artisan Ales Christmas Bomb! Review

Prairie Artisan Ales of Tulsa, Oklahoma makes, you guessed it, artisan ales – fantastic, top-notch beer in many different and difficult-to-master styles. Christmas Bomb! is a spiced Imperial Stout on an epic scale.

Christmas Bomb! pours jet black with a touch of burgundy color around the rim of the glass. There’s no foam, only a little

Stone Xocoveza Review

In 2014, Stone Brewery produced Stone Xocoveza Mocha Stout using a recipe by Chris Banker who won Stone’s home brewing competition with his take on Mexican hot chocolate brewed with spices. That beer was meant to be a single release, but fans said otherwise, and Stone Brewery is now producing Stone Xocoveza as an annual holiday beer.

Stone Xocoveza is a Milk Stout and pours

Aged Corsendonk Christmas Ale Review

Last year I bought a few bottles of several Christmas beers to age. Tonight I pulled a bottle of Corsendonk Christmas Ale to see how aging affected this beer.

It pours reddish brown with a two-finger head that stays firm. Obviously, the year of aging hasn’t changed the carbonation.

It tastes very much like a fresh batch (see my review here), but the whole beer is knit together and the flavors are better integrated. The carbonation is smoother, the dark fruit notes pop, and the “sharp” edges of a fresh Corsendonk are aged off in this year old ale. I like it better.

Throw a few bottles in your cellar and taste a aged Corsendonk for yourself… next year.

Mac & Jack’s Bourbon Barrel Aged Cascadian Dark Ale Review

Mac & Jack’s Brewing Company has bottled their first beer. Since 1994, Mac & Jack’s has been a favorite tap-only beer in the Pacific Northwest. Their African Amber is the quintessential unfiltered Amber, and sales prove it. Their first beer to be released in bottles, however, is Bourbon Barrel Aged Cascadian Dark Ale. Here’s my review of the 2015 vintage.