Cazeau Tournay de Noel Review

Brasserie de Cazeau was re-established in 2004 and produces fine Belgian beer. The Tournay de Noel is no exception. This Belgian dark ale is the sort of Christmas beer one might expect from Belgium – dark, rich, and full-bodied. At 8.2% ABV it is reminiscent of a Quadrupel.

This gem pours dark red with a medium amber head that quickly dissipates to a Belgian lace. There’s a fair amount of caramel, cloves, and candied fruit on the nose. Good carbonation on the tongue shows off bitterness of hops. the Noel is a thick, dark, and rich treat of light cinnamon, licorice, dark fruit, and lots of malts. Medium, refreshing finish. According to the brewery, they use 5 types of barley malts, and 3 types of hops.

The Tournay de Noel is worthy of the term “Christmas Beer.” I hope you can try some soon. Ho, ho, ho.

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    While it's difficult to picture Santa as a young man, he was once. He met the future Mrs. Claus one snowy night when she offered him a winter ale that she brewed herself. It was love at first sight - for both the Mrs. and her winter ales. With Santa's growing fame, his favorite brews became named after his favorite day - Christmas. Santa now travels the world each year to spread the joy that began in a stable in Bethlehem two millennia ago.

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