Logsdon Farmhouse Ales Oak Aged Bretta Review

Logsdon Farmhouse Ales is an Oregon organic brewery in Hood River. Oak Aged Bretta is a farmhouse ale loaded with brettanomyces and rounded by oak.

On opening this well-chilled two-year old bottle, it sprayed a fountain of foam out like a NASCAR winner with a bottle of champagne. Once I got some in my glass I could see the cloudy honey-rosé color topped with

Brewmaster Jack Barrel-Aged Prinsipia

Brewmaster Jack, of Holyoke, Massachusetts, is another story of home brewer turned big-time brewer. Started in 2011, and greatly expanded in 2014, Brewmaster Jack brews straight-forward beer with locally sourced malts. Prinsipia is a barrel-aged Quad using Tennessee Whiskey Barrels.

Prinsipia pours dark brown with a touch of tan foam. It smells fantastic! Lots of whiskey barrel, dried

Midnight Sun Sun of a Beak Review

What do you get when brewers from Alaska and Washington come together to make a one-of-a-kind beer? Sun of a Beak is that beer. It’s an Bourbon Barrel Aged Coconut Imperial Porter with so much complexity you just keep tasting more.

My bottle has been aged a few months past the two year mark. Yet, there’s so much life still in this beer!

Sun of a Beak pours

Icicle Brewing Lifeguard Biere de Garde Review

Icicle Brewing Company is located in a Bavarian tourist village nestled in the rugged Cascade Mountains of Washington State. The city of Leavenworth is a cute tourist town lined with flower boxes and Bavarian architecture. Icicle brewing company makes excellent beers including Lifeguard Biere de Garde.

Lifeguard is a bier de garde aged in French oak barrels for two months. Biere de Garde is a style of

Hair of the Dog Bourbon Fred From The Wood 2013 Review

Hair of the Dog Brewing Company of Portland Oregon has been making age-able craft beer for 20 years. Fred is one of his regular beers that’s loaded with hops, rye malts and Belgian candi sugar. Brewmaster, Alan Sprints, makes several barrel-aged versions of this beer.

Bourbon Fred From The Wood 2013 was aged at least 18 months in oak barrels. I’ve aged this bottle conditioned beer for another

Silver City Old Scrooge Christmas Ale & 2013 Bourbon Barrel-Aged Old Scrooge Reviews

Silver City Brewery of Bremerton, Washington began operations in 1996 and is one of the most award-winning breweries in the State. Old Scrooge Christmas Ale is an English Barleywine. In the past, I’ve aged Old Scrooge and love how it transforms over time. Silver City also makes a Bourbon Barrel-Aged Old Scrooge Christmas Ale. I’m reviewing a 2014 bottle of Old Scrooge and a 2013 of the barrel-aged.

The elves and I warmed bottles to 55 degree fahrenheit for our tasting. Old Scrooge Christmas Ale pours

De Dolle Stille Nacht Reserva 2010 Review

Stille Nacht Reserva is a legionary ale with an accidental beginning. De Dolle Brouwers (The Mad Brewers) began brewing in the early 1980s and used yeast provided by Rodenbach. In 1999, the new owners of Rodenbach discontinued selling yeast to De Dolle so a batch of Stille Nacht was made with a new yeast – that exploded bottles after a while.

What to do? De Dolle couldn’t sell bottles that were exploding due to over carbonation from bottle conditioning. Instead, the brewers poured the beer into used wine barrels and aged it for 18 months before