Brewmaster Jack Barrel-Aged Prinsipia

Brewmaster Jack, of Holyoke, Massachusetts, is another story of home brewer turned big-time brewer. Started in 2011, and greatly expanded in 2014, Brewmaster Jack brews straight-forward beer with locally sourced malts. Prinsipia is a barrel-aged Quad using Tennessee Whiskey Barrels.

Prinsipia pours dark brown with a touch of tan foam. It smells fantastic! Lots of whiskey barrel, dried

Samuel Adams White Christmas Review

The Boston Beer Company, better known as Samuel Adams, make a couple of Christmas ales, White Christmas is their spiced wheat beer.

White Christmas pours cloudy straw-orange with a fine white foam head. The nose is nutmeg, cloves, cinnamon and a touch of yeast. It tastes crisp with the aforenamed spices right up front. There’s also some citrus notes from the orange peel brewed in. Spalter Noble hops originating in Bavaria make up the 6 IBU. It’s medium bodied with good carbonation and 5.8% ABV.

White Christmas is widely available. If you like witbier give this one a try.

Samuel Adams’ other Christmas beer is Merry Maker Gingerbread Stout, which I reviewed last year.

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